Raising Up Role Models

We all have role models in our lives, people we look up to, people we want to be like. By listening and learning from our role models we  envision the type of person we would like to become, whether that is for the better or the worst. That is why it is crucial that young kids be presented with positive role models they can identify with at an early age. One of the aims of the new Northwood Kids Midweek program is to raise up role models for elementary age kids. We want kids to see and hear from teenagers that love Jesus. That is why we have partnered with Northwood Student Life to create opportunities for Northwood Youth to serve in the Northwood Kids Midweek program. Our hope is not only that kids will see teenagers living out their faith but that teens will grow and mature in their relationship with Jesus through the teaching of his word to those younger than themselves. Teens who are interested in helping out on Wednesday night should send an email to jon.dack@northwood.cc or talk with Pastor Luke. 

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