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“Reach Out Week” Begins October 30

The Christian walk is a combination of “faith” and “action.” It’s the only way to make the boat move forward; both oars rowing at the same time. Otherwise you’re just spinning in circles.

The week of Sunday October 30 – November 6 you are invited to “row” into your community and serve someone in need. Join with other Northwooders from your neighborhood or small group and do something simple to put your faith into action. That could mean a local food shelf, cleaning up a park or street, or helping a neighbor with a need.

If you need some help arranging a way to serve, Northwood has connected with CEAP to help rake leaves for 20 homes, stretching from Maple Grove to North Minneapolis. You can help seniors and disabled folks by tidying up their yards, something they cannot do themselves. The youth group has done this project before, and was blessed by the warm thankfulness of those they served (and the warm cookies at that one house were pretty cool too). Sign ups for the leaf raking sites will begin in the lobby on Sunday, October 23.

So come up with your own project and invite others to join you, or sign up for a leaf-raking site or two. Whatever it is, you’re encouraged to ROW into our community this week and put your faith into action.

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