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Rocket Sleds, Bacon Donuts, and Annual Meetings

Some words sound exciting when you put them together. Rocket sled. Cliff jumping. Bacon Donut.

Other words have the opposite effect when side by side. Income tax. Dentist appointment. “Something Other Than Bacon” donut.

Another one of those word combinations that feels less-than-exciting: Annual Meeting. Which is a problem, because we’re pretty excited about this year’s Annual Meeting. It’s a chance to celebrate the life and ministry of Northwood Church, to look back over the past year at the great things God is doing to and through the church. It’s a chance to celebrate the wins and talk about the challenges we face. That’s a lot more exciting than “Annual Meeting” can convey.

We thought about calling it, “The Northwood Church Year In Review Celebration Extravaganza!” or NCYIRCE for short, but that was too confusing. We toyed with “The Awesome Thing After Church On October 14,” but that was too vague. We also considered, “Northwood On Ice” but Pastor Brian kept falling down during rehearsals.

So, we’ve decided to stick with “Annual Meeting” because that’s what it is. It’s the one time each year that all of Northwood meets together to talk about the latest and greatest of what’s happening in the ministries around the church, and hear about the wins we’ve shared and the challenges we face.. This year we’ll be featuring Northwood Student Life as youth pastor Luke Trouten shares stories of what’s happening in our growing student ministry. We’ll also hear about the church objectives for the next year, and the goal of the “Each one, Reach one” campaign. ¬†Of course we’ll be talking about the future home of Northwood, and the icing on the cake is that we’ll welcome Dick Edwards, Maple Grove City Planner, as a special guest for a Q&A session about the future development in Maple Grove.

To top it all off, we’ll be sharing a meal together as we meet. It’s food, fellowship, and the future of Northwood all in one meeting. Don’t miss it!

Here are the details:

Sunday, October 14
Worship Service at 10am in the gymnasium
Lunch and Annual meeting in the banquet room at 11am

Lunch courtesy of Malone’s.
$5/person with a maximum of $20/family

RSVP by writing “Annual Meeting” on your information card or by clicking “Join” on the Facebook event.

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