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Second City (Chicago Update #2)

Good morning from Chicagoland! It’s breakfast time for us right now, as we prepare for another day of work projects. It’s a beautiful day, and we’re excited for what’s in store for us.

Yesterday the girls went to a church that hosts a summer long “summer school/VBS” type program for ages 3-13. Victoria and Katie helped the 5th and 6th graders with Math homework which helps the students not fall behind during the summer months. During free time we played group games outside with all the kids. Kaycee spent the day with the preschoolers finger painting, dancing and holding the children.

Today the kids are going on a field trip to a swimming pool for two hours of their day, so we’re coming along too! We’re looking forward to it and feel incredibly blessed, especially after we heard about the boys day yesterday!

The boys are working at Benton House, a community resource center that started 100 years ago as a home for newly arrived immigrants. Today they offer all sorts of programs to teach youth marketable skills in IT and craftsmanship, as well as various programs for senior citizens, and a food pantry that serves 900 local families.

The guys did 2 days of work in 5 hours. They were beasts! The gym at Benton House had been used for a huge event over the weekend, and was pretty trashed. On Monday nights there is a community league that plays basketball there, but they were pretty sure the space wouldn’t be ready. But our guys worked tirelessly tearing down stages, sound equipment, tables, banners, lighting rigs, and all manner of other gear. It was amazing to see the gym transform from a post-party pigpen into a useable court, and satisfying to know the local guys would have a place to play ball that evening.

After work projects it was shower time (HOORAY FOR SHOWERS!) and then dinner. The evening activity was a trip downtown to visit Millennium Park. It’s a huge park on the shore of Lake Michigan. Taste of Chicago is happening right now, so they place was packed. We wondered around until we found “The Bean,” a giant sculpture that reflects the skyline and the people around it. It was pretty neat.

Thanks for your continued prayers, and for the comments on our Facebook posts. We love knowing our friends and family back home are thinking of us.

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