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Summer Breakouts FAQs

by Brian Doten

Summer Breakouts are the new thing at Northwood and I’ve heard a few questions about them.

Why do Breakouts?
For lots of reasons but the biggest are to help Northwooders grow in community and with God.  Meeting in smaller groups on Sundays allows us to go deeper in friendships.  In addition, the breakouts will encourage growth in our relationship with God.  Think of them as fertilizer for our faith.  Here’s another common question about Breakouts –

Why these specific topics and speakers? 
Well, frankly, we wanted to schedule some of Northwood’s best teachers and have them choose topics they love to talk about – topics in their “sweet spot.”  So, we did that.

What’s available for kids during Summer Breakouts? 
Something great!  Children birth – PreK have normal Sunday School with loving, caring teachers and kids who’ve competed 1st – 5th grade have Kaboom (science with spiritual truth!).  Something for everyone.

What happens if I miss one or two weeks?
No problem.  Just come and go as you want.  That’s the way summer is (especially this one!).

So, don’t miss what’s going on at Northwood this summer.  Come worship God, grow in friendship and learn something that impacts your life and faith.

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