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Teachers and Tongues [April 17, 2011]


Words matter.  What we say has the power to help and heal others or the power to hurt and injure others.  James reminds us of this truth by talking about teachers and the tongue.  He warns teachers they need to be careful about what they say due to their influence on others.  He even says they will be judged for how they use their influence on others.  Then, James warns everyone about the dangers of the tongue and says we all should use our words and tongue to bless others and not curse or injure them.  James words confront us about our words.  His challenge about the use of the tongue should give us all reason to pause and ask, “How do I use my tongue?  Do I use it to help others or hurt others?

Speaker: Brian Doten

Series: James #11

Title: Teachers and Tongues

Text: James 3:1 – 12


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