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The Doxology at the End of the Lord’s Prayer [February 26, 2012]


Description:    Most people don’t realize that the final words of the Lord’s Prayer were most likely never spoken by Jesus.  It’s true!  Look at Matthew 6:13 closely and you’ll see a footnote about how the ending to the Lord’s Prayer as we say it is not in the “earliest and most reliable manuscripts” (ancient copies of the Bible).  So, what happened?   Where did the final words we speak come from?  Should we say them?  Are they inspired by God?  What do they say?  Big questions!  Important questions! 

Speaker: Brian Doten

Series: Talking with God #7

Title: The doxology at end of the Lord’s Prayer

Text: Matthew 6:13, footnote “a”

Big idea: God is worthy of our praise, adoration and lives.

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