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The Empty Tomb: Christus Victor [Easter, April 8, 2012]


Description: “Winning” is an attractive idea and concept in our culture.  We strive to win in nearly every arena of life including school, sports, jobs, relationships and love.  Did you know that the greatest “win” of all occurred on Easter Sunday 2000 years ago?  It’s true!  Jesus’ resurrection from the dead was God’s resounding victory over evil, Satan, sin, death and hell.  And, the best part of God’s victory is that he wants to share the “spoils of victory” with us. God wants to pass along the benefits of Jesus’ resurrection along to us.  Do you know what those benefits are?  Easter Sunday is a great day to affirm and celebrate the greatest victory in history.

Speaker: Brian Doten

Series: 24 Hours That Changed the World #7

Title: The Empty Tomb:  Christus Victor

Text: Mark 16:1 – 6

Big idea: Easter is the greatest victory in history.

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