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The Giver of All Good Things In Life [March 13, 2011]


James reminds us that God is the source of every good thing we experience and have in life. He also challenges us to not allow ourselves to be deceived and think we (or someone or something else) are the source of the blessings we enjoy in life. In so doing, James reminds us it’s right and important to give thanks to God for everything we are and have and to guard against becoming proud, arrogant and self – centered. And, finally, James also reminds us of God’s greatest gift of all: salvation through Jesus Christ. When was the last time you really expressed gratitude and humility before God and said thanks to Him for all he’s done for you and given to you? How about doing it today?

Speaker: Brian Doten
Series: James #6
Title: The giver of all good things in life
Text: James 1:16 – 18

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