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The Last Supper: Thursday Evening [March 4, 2012]


Description: Jesus’ final meal was Passover and he shared it with his closest friends, his disciples.  The Bible tells us that following supper that Thursday night, Jesus took the bread and wine of Passover, blessed them and passed them out to his disciples.  Jesus then gave the bread and wine new meaning saying the bread represented his body and the wine represented his blood.  What Jesus meant is that he was the Passover Lamb and his sacrifice was sufficient to forgive our sins.  Since that Thursday night believers in Jesus have celebrated “The Last Supper” by looking back at the cross and what Jesus did, by looking inward to confess their sin and by looking forward to Jesus’ return as reigning King.  Today we celebrate the meal that changed the world and our lives.   

Speaker: Brian Doten

Series: 24 Hours That Changed the World #1

Title: The Last Supper: Thursday evening

Text: Mark 14:12 – 17; 22 – 26

Big idea: The special meal Jesus inaugurated on Maundy Thursday celebrates our freedom from slavery to sin and death.

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