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The Mission of God’s People [Nov. 7, 2010]


Speaker: Mark Collier

Title: The Mission of God’s People

Text: 1 John 3:16-18, Genesis 12:1-3, Luke 10:27

Themes: love of neighbor, service, sacrifice, holiness, mission

Now that we know the Story of God and his mission, what does that mean for us? Amazingly, we are the key to God’s whole plan. God has chosen a people to carry out his mission; first Abraham, then Israel, and now the church. We are the body of Christ – Jesus with skin on – revealing God’s love to a watching and hurting world. We are blessed not for our own benefit, but in order to bless others. We are a community of people who are to live in such contrast from the rest of the world, that we act as a magnet that draws others back into God’s Kingdom. The church doesn’t have a mission, the church IS the mission. So how are we doing?

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