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The Parable of the Growing Seed [Sept. 11th, 2011]


Description: Anyone who has ever farmed or gardened knows that plants and crops grow “invisibly” over time.  That is, no one literally sees plants or crops growing, however, over time everyone sees the growth that has actually occurred.  What was once a barren field in spring becomes a field ready for harvest in fall.  Jesus says that same thing happens in the Kingdom of God.  The seed of the Kingdom of God that is sown in us and in the world grows over time and often invisibly, however, it always grows.  According to Jesus, nothing can stop the kingdom of God from growing in us and in the world.  

Series: Jesus the Storyteller #1

Title: The Parable of the Growing Seed

Text: Mark 4:26 – 34

Theme: The Kingdom of God – nothing can stop its growth


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