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The Parable of the Rich Fool [Oct 9, 2011]


Description: Everybody has resources to manage.  Some have more.  Some have less.  But, we all have some.  One day a guy in a large crowd asked Jesus to be a financial arbitrator between him and his brother.  In response Jesus told a parable about a rich guy who hoarded wealth.  Jesus called the rich guy “a fool” and warned people to, “Watch out!  Be on your guard against all kinds of greed” (apparently, there are many kinds of greed).  Jesus’ parable about the rich fool speaks loudly to us today.  We can sometimes do exactly what the rich fool did.  We can reason with ourselves to get whatever we want.  We can be deceived that life consists of what we own.  We can store up too much stuff for ourselves.  We can ignore the fact that we will one day give an account of our life before God himself.  Jesus warns us against such things and being deceived about greed and wealth.  Instead, Jesus calls us to be generous towards God.  So, how are you doing about guarding yourself against greed and being generous towards God? 

Speaker:  Brian Doten

Series: Jesus the Storyteller #5

Title: The Parable of the Rich Fool

Text: Luke 12:16 – 21

Theme:  Use of wealth/Generosity


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