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The Power of Compassion

Did you know that Northwooders sponsor 58 children (spanning 22 countries) through Compassion International? Jesus loves children and has called us to care for them, especially those who need us the most, children living in extreme poverty.

With over one billion children living in poverty, it can feel overwhelming to know how to help? One easy and tangible way is to reach out and sponsor one of God’s children through Compassion International.

Compassion works in 26 countries, partnering with over 5,900 local churches. At each of Compassion’s centers, Christian staff teach and encourage children as they develop. Your sponsorship helps each center provide food, education, and health care for the children.

One-to-one sponsorship is the cornerstone of Compassion’s work. Each sponsor plays a vital role as a mentor for each child. You can exchange letters with your child, share your favorite bible verses, and share written prayers for the children and their families. You will bring hope to a child that will last a lifetime.

Millions of children are exposed to hunger, disease, and neglect on a daily basis. Please pray for these children and consider sponsoring a child today. You will change that child’s story and impact their life forever.

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