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The Right Perspective On Money [Feb. 27,2011]


Speaker: Brian Doten

Series: James #4

Title: The right perspective on money

Text: James 1:9 – 11

Description: Having the Bible’s perspective about wealth keeps us from two extremes that lead to trouble – the danger of pursuing wealth at the cost of everything else and the danger of having so much wealth we lose our soul.  James talks about God’s perspective about wealth in two sections of his book, here in 1:5 – 7 and the second in 5:1 – 6.  From what James writes it’s evident that people have struggled with wealth for thousands of years.  What does God want us to know about wealth and what does God want us to do with our wealth?  Let’s learn ancient money lessons from James that still ring true today and can make a difference in our lives.


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