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The Ugly Sin [April 3, 2011]


The first century was like the 21st century.  It was guilty of the sin of favoritism and segregated people according to wealth, occupation, appearance, ethnicity and status. Both the Old Testament Scriptures and the life and teachings of Jesus, however, strongly condemned and confronted the sin of favoritism within the prevailing culture. They both called God’s people to “love your neighbor as yourself.”  Sadly, the sin of favoritism is still a problem today even within the church.  So, what can we do about that?  And, how can we be a people, culture and church that doesn’t show favoritism but loves, worships and ministers alongside others regardless of wealth, appearance, ethnicity and status?

Speaker: Brian Doten

Series:  James #9

Title:  The ugly sin

Text: James 2:1 – 13


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