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The Unjust Judge [Oct 16, 2011


Description: Jesus repeatedly told his disciples that life would not be easy for them, that they would experience lots of trials and difficulties.  And, in the midst of their trials and difficulties Jesus told his disciples to “always pray and not give up.”  Why did Jesus teach his disciples to pray with persistence during difficult times?  The answer is because God always answers our prayers – not always the way we want or in the time frame we want – but God does answer our prayer.  And when we persist in prayer we give God opportunity and space to speak his peace, grace, strength and truth into our lives and our situation. In short, persevering prayer amidst difficulty grows our faith in God and shapes our character like nothing else.   What do you need to persist in prayer for today? 

Speaker: Brian Doten

Series: Jesus the Storyteller #6

Title: The Unjust Judge

Text: Luke 18:1 – 8

Theme: Prayer


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