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Three Self–Assessments For Every Believer [March 27, 2011]


Speaker: Brian Doten

Series: James #8

Title: Three self – assessments for every believer

Text: James 1:26 – 27

Description: Self – assessment profiles, inventories and tests help us learn more about our skills, temperaments, preferences, potentials and relationships.  Employers use them to find the right hire and fit within companies.  Couples use them to prepare for marriage.  We use them to better understand ourselves and make important decisions about our present and future.  Current popular tests and inventories include the Myers – Briggs Temperament Analysis, Gallup’s Strengthfinders, Prepare – Enrich, APGAR, XXXXXXXX.  James gives us a self – assessment with three criteria that indicate whether we truly know God or are just fooling ourselves.  Want to know what proves you truly know God?


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