Transformed: More than meets the eye? [Aug. 21, 2011]


Description: One of the most commonly asked questions among Christians is, “What is God’s will for my life and how do I find it?”. God’s will is not a mystery. The apostle Paul challenges us to be transformed and by doing so we might discern God’s will.  So what does it mean to be transformed and how does it happen?

Speaker: Robert Alexander

Series: Greatest Hits #8

Title: Transformed: More than meets the eye?

Text: Romans 12:1 – 2


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    Seyda says

    Thank you Angie for posting your first seoisen from California with my daughter’s family. They are beautiful! Every day I look at them and I am in AWE of you. You were such a delight, we all had such a great time that day. The whole family is anxiously waiting for the collection to be done.I know the pictures will be “A M A Z I N G”!Next time your in California, come and visit with us. We would love just to hang out.Thank you again,All our love and respect, Deborah and Family

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