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What Should Christians Know About Islam? [Aug. 15, 2010]


Speakers: Brian Doten and Sarah Miller, Northwood member and IT missionary
Series: Our questions for God #10
Text: Genesis 21
Big idea: Christianity and Islam share several similarities but also have important differences.

Description: Most of us know very little about Islam and Muslims. Too often, we connect them with terrorism and jihad. Believe it or not, there are several similarities between Islam and Christianity. Do you know what they are? At the same time, though, there are also significant and important differences between the two faiths. With the number of Muslims increasing in the Twin Cities it’s important we understand our new neighbors and take a genuine interest in their lives and know how to talk intelligently and respectfully about our two faiths. What do you know about Islam? Do you know enough about it to have a meaningful conversation with a Muslim about their beliefs and yours?

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