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When Someone We Know And Love Dies By Suicide [Jan. 16, 2011]


Speaker:  Brian Doten

Series:  Mysteries in life #2

Title: When someone we know and love dies by suicide

Text: Romans 8:35 – 39; Galatians 6:2 

Big idea: The church needs to be a safe place for suicidal persons and suicide survivors.

Description: Every year 32,000 Americans die by suicide – more people die by suicide each year than by traffic accidents.  Chances are most everyone knows someone – or has a family member – who has been suicidal at some point in life.  Myths about suicide abound both in our culture and in the church, and sadly, the church has not been as graceful or helpful as it needs to be in ministering to suicidal persons and to suicide survivors.   So, what can Northwood Church do to create a culture that “bears each others burdens” by helping suicidal persons and ministering gracefully to suicide survivors?

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