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When We Suffer With Chronic Illness [ Jan. 23, 2011]


Speaker: Brian Doten

Series: Mysteries in life #3

Title: When we suffer with chronic illness

Text: John 16:33;  Mark 1:29 – 34;  2 Corinthians 9

Description: Chronic illness and the suffering it brings is one of life’s most difficult situations of all.  After awhile the illness itself can sometimes become the defining experience of life controlling everything else.  In addition, the suffering the illness brings can sometimes create a deep crisis of faith and trust in God.  So, where can those who suffer from chronic illness – and their families – find help and hope to cope in the face of their situation?  How can they remain full of faith and trust in God when our suffering goes on and on and on?  How can Northwood Church help to “bear the burdens” of people who suffer chronic illness and their families?

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