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Zip It Good (Update #4)

Well, we heard our return flight was going to be a bit rough so we put on helmets and harnesses just in case. This picture was taken during our free day. We had the chance to go zip-lining through the Costa Rica jungle on the Pacific Coast. For those of you that are not familiar with zip-lining, you are strapped into a harness that is connected to a cable that runs from tree to tree about 100 feet off of the jungle floor, you zip from tree to tree at a high rate of speed and hope your brakes work before you get to the next tree. This is a total adrenaline rush!! After the zip-line experience we hit the beach for a little swim time and also got to try our hand at surfing.

Our week spent in Costa Rica was great. We were able to complete our construction project as well as some additional work that we hadn’t anticipated. Besides the work that was done, we also participated in a Bible study about disciples (about being and making) and this challenged all of us to do just that. God is doing great things in Costa Rica and many disciples are being raised up and sent out all over the world. Pray that God continues to move in Central and Latin America. Thank you all for your prayers while we were away.

The Five Amigos


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