Kenya Water Project – Christmas Offering

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The Kakuma Refugee Camp in northwest Kenya is near and dear to Northwood’s heart, and nearby is the Turkana West IDP Camp. The internally displaced people (IDP) in this camp receive next to no assistance from the Kenyan government or humanitarian agencies. Our Kakuma Camp church partners identified a great need in the IDP Camp…clean, local water. Currently, people living in the camp must walk several miles to fetch water unfit for human consumption. The goal of the IAFR Kenya Water Project is to provide a supply of clean water by way of a new well. IAFR needs $18,700 to meet the total funding need of $135,000 to finish construction of the well. 

How are we able to help? This Christmas, let’s bring clean water to 20,000 people that will SAVE LIVES, especially those of the elderly, pregnant women, and infants. Let’s finish the well! Imagine what it will be like, the first day people can turn on a faucet, and get clean, fresh water. Wow!

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