Young Adult Small Group

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We are wired for connection with God and with others.  Most of us know that God loves us and that we are to love others, but we all struggle with how to do that in our daily lives.  What are you deep down desiring?  Authentic relationships?  To be known?  Spiritual growth?  Discussion of truth?  Relevancy in a confusing culture?  Significance of purpose?  All of the above?  We never find much of anything worthwhile isolated and by ourselves.  We are wired for connection, remember?…and what most of us need is a Christ-centered community that loves, encourages, prays, spurs on, and walks with each other through the highs and lows of the life journey we are all traveling.  If you are 18-24 – or there about – bring yourself…bring a friend…  Let’s explore together the possibility of finding what we’re all looking for together.  Thursdays, 6:30 – 8:30 at Paul & Cyndi Deneson’s.  A simple meal will be provided.  Questions?  Call the church office at 763.494.5369.