COVID-19 Update from Pastor Brian

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Hi Northwood friend,

Another day has brought new information and decisions to our country’s challenges with Coronavirus. Most recently, to combat the virus Governor Walz has closed down restaurants and places of amusement and the CDC has recommended there be no gatherings larger than 10 people. That, of course, impacts Northwood Church. So, because it is the right thing to do, we will honor both the Governor’s mandate and the CDC’s recommendation and suspend worship services, mid-week gatherings (NSL and KidsLife) and other program events until further notice.

What does this mean for worship services and Sunday School? Like lots of other churches, we’ll go online with our Sunday Gathering! The staff is excited about this unexpected opportunity and the possibilities it creates. Isaac will be creating “worship moments” using music and other means and I’ll preach a recorded message you can watch and listen to. Other service elements – like FaithStories, prayer and Highlights will also be included. Honestly, we’re all kind of excited about doing this and will be praying God uses Northwood Online to reach even more people than at the Community Center! You know, there’s unlimited potential on the Internet!!

Jon Dack and Nathan Gerber will be developing online lessons and activities during this time as well, so we shouldn’t miss a beat in sharing spiritual truth to children and teenagers. And, regarding the offering, please be sure to continue giving to Northwood, especially at this time. We anticipate some additional costs in going online (nothing huge), but your regular support of Northwood’s ministries is crucial to doing all God’s called us to do. Keep in mind you can give online through our website, through the mail, through EFT and automated checks. If we all remain faithful in our giving, Northwood will have all she needs to continue her ministry. Please do your part.

Finally, as I said in Sunday’s message, Ephesians 5:15-16 reminds us to “live wisely” (take necessary precautions) and “make the most of every opportunity.” These are confusing days never experienced before in our lifetimes – let’s take advantage of opportunities God gives us to share the love of Christ with people around us and let’s pray God uses this virus to cause a spiritual renewal in our country and world. What our enemy intends for evil, God uses for good!

Trusting God with you,
Brian Doten

P.S. Quick good news! You “Filled the Truck” for CROSS this past Sunday!! Together we gave 2,137 lbs. of food to help people living with food insecurity! That’s more than ever before!! Way to go Northwood Church! We’re feeding the hungry, just like God calls us to!