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No Perfect Parents Allowed

The pressure on parents today is enormous, social media is full of parenting advice, volgs, and Pintrest posts of what makes a good parent. FamilyLife at Northwood is a place where every parent can come just as they are and grow into the parent God wants them to be. It's not about trends and fads, it's about solid practical advice that will make a difference in your day to day parenting life. From relevant monthly emails to events that connect you with other families. Northwood FamilyLife is in the trenches helping you figure this parenting thing out.

Parenting Helps

Practical Parenting Vlog

You’re busy and probably don’t have time to attend a whole day parenting seminar but that doesn’t mean you don’t have time to up your parenting game. Check out our vlog library of parenting topics. Each video is only 5 minutes long and talks about topics that matter to your family. Get the tools to become the parent you have always wanted to be.


Have you ever wished you could get the Cliff’s Notes version of a parenting book before you order it? Well now you can, Snapshots include a one paragraph summary of the book, three or four great points from the book and a link if you decide you want to buy the book.
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Parenting Toolbox

Being a parent can be hard. How do you navigate technology in your home? How do you manage your families busy Schedule? Wouldn’t it be nice to have resources at your finger tips to help you navigate the challenges of parenting? Well now you do, our Parenting Toolbox is full of downloadable parenting toolkits on everything from technology to spiritual development.