Northwood Church is people. We are the church…

Our journey has been a long one, but we are nearly there!  Our church purchased our 22 acres of land in 2009 for $1.85 million, and we have been working to build a permanent home for Northwood Church ever since.

During this pandemic period, our donors were able to completely pay off our remaining mortgage, meaning WE ARE DEBT FREE!  Praise God!

On September 1, 2021 we closed on the sale of a portion of our land, and the proceeds will be used to help pay for the construction costs, and will accelerate our ability to begin construction.  Our church is unified and anxious to get going.  Now that we are debt free, momentum is building.

Having a building opens up opportunities to:

  • Become a gathering place for the community
  • Offer classes during the week
  • Increase our programming for children and youth
  • Create a permanent worship space
  • Host community gatherings (educators, support groups, student groups)
  • Bless the Maple Grove area through our facilities

We hope to announce our next steps soon.  In the meantime, keep praying about our forward movement, and remember to give thanks to our Provider who continues to provide for Northwood Church.

If you have specific questions about the church’s building plans, you can contact our building committee chairperson at  Here we go!