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Northwood is working toward its permanent home

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The Design

Northwood Church is people. We are the church…

The journey to our first church building has been longer than expected but the good news is we are nearly there! And, we know God’s timing is always best, right?!

Northwood purchased our land on 105th Street in Maple Grove in 2009 and we have no debt on it. We anticipate breaking ground in the summer of 2022, with expected completion by late spring of 2023! The building plans have been drawn, the necessary permits have been approved, and our builder, Kinghorn Construction, of Rogers, has been ordering material and is waiting for the ground to thaw, so Kinghorn can begin clearing and preparing the land for our building. We are so excited with what God has done on our behalf!

To begin paying for our first building Northwood is launching a three-year, $1 million capital campaign, ending December 2024, and we need everyone’s help to achieve the goal. On January 23, 2022, we announced we have more than $500,000 already committed to this goal, and we are asking every Northwooder and friends of Northwood to help us gather the remaining amount. Just scroll to the top of this page and you can read instructions on how to give and how to pledge. If we all work together and sacrificially give to this project, we believe we can reach our goal. That would be awesome!

The first-ever Northwood Church building will feature 12,125 square feet of ministry space, with dedicated Children’s Ministry area for infants, toddlers and elementary aged kids. Our Junior and Senior High youth will finally have a permanent home for Wednesday night NSL meetings. We will have enough room to seat 200+ people in our worship center, which will feature a fantastic audio/visual package, further enhancing our on-line ministry. We also want to invite people in our community to the church for all sorts of meetings, meals, events and ministries. Our large gathering areas will welcome coffee and tea drinkers with plenty of space for friendships to begin and grow as people meet and talk.

Please come and watch our new building take shape in the coming months. In the meantime, please pray that our plans proceed smoothly, that supply chains open up, and that God’s plan for our church becomes apparent to everyone around us. Don’t forget to consider what financial role you can play to help Northwood complete this project.

Northwood loves Maple Grove and its surrounding communities. Come visit us on Sunday mornings, or watch on-line, and become a part of Northwood. Northwood Church exists to help more people believe in Jesus Christ and become more like him.

If you have specific questions about the church’s building plans, you can contact our building committee chairperson at peoplematter@northwood.cc. Here we go!