Do We Choose God or Does God Choose Us?

For centuries theologians and Bible readers have debated about whether God chooses us or we choose God. Some Bible passages indicate that we choose God (John 3:16) while others indicate that God chooses us. Acts 13:48 seems to indicate that God chooses us. It says, “… and all who were chosen for eternal life became believers.” The question, “Does God choose us or do we choose God?” is more than just intellectual exercise. It motivates us to keep proclaiming the message of Jesus, like Paul and Barnabas did in Antioch of Pisidia, trusting God to bring salvation to those who will respond … and it motivates us to keep praying that everyone will respond to the message of Jesus. So, let’s keep sharing Jesus with people around us who don’t know him because while we don’t know who will respond, God knows.