Grace Vs. Works

Acts 15 is one of the most important chapters in all the Bible. It tells the story of “The Jerusalem Council” and the monumental discussion and decision by the apostles and early believers about what someone needed to do to be saved. One group said, “Unless you are circumcised as required by the law of Moses, you cannot be saved.” The other group (led by Paul and Barnabas), “argued vehemently” against them. They said, “We believe we are all saved the same way, by the undeserved grace of the Lord Jesus.” Acts 15 tells us that, “At the meeting, after a long discussion …” everyone agreed with Paul and Barnabas (and Peter and many others) that salvation is by faith in Jesus alone and not by works or keeping the law of Moses. In the end, the Council affirmed the great New Testament truth that we are saved by grace through faith alone and not be any works we do; that salvation is a gift to us from God that we receive by trusting in Jesus Christ alone. In the end, GRACE WINS! Amen!