How To Tell Others About Jesus

Philip was one of seven men chosen by the apostles in Acts 6 to manage the food distribution ministry to widows in Jerusalem. He was chosen because he was “well respected, full of the Spirit and wisdom” (Acts 6:3). In Acts 8 we see Philip in a different ministry role in Samaria and Gaza – he was an effective witness for Jesus Christ. Philip’s life and example remind us God wants to use us in the same way. It also shows us what we can do to be a faithful witness for Jesus. And, the encouraging thing about Philip’s example is that we can all be like Philip, we can all do what he did! Further, if we decide to follow Philip’s example God will use us just like he did Philip! It’s true! We can be a modern-day Philip whom God uses to help people believe in Jesus. Nothing is more important or greater than helping lost people find Jesus! Helping people far from God become part of his family! That’s why Northwood Church exists. That’s why we do all we do. That’s what God wants every Northwooder to give their lives to – helping people believe in Jesus.