Left, Right, Left, Right, Left … Left

Paul took Silas and left Antioch of Syria for his Second Missionary Journey. He began by revisiting some of the towns and churches he and Barnabas began in their first journey before the Holy Spirit thwarted and changed their plans to preach in western Turkey. Instead, God led them to the coastal city of Troas. Why? Because God wanted to give Paul a vision for going to Greece, of planting churches in Europe. Acts 16 tells us that Paul and Silas, “…decided to leave for Macedonia at once, having concluded that God was calling us to preach the Good News there.” This episode in Paul’s life tells us that God sometimes changes our plans and that it’s best to always follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, or as Paul himself wrote in Galatians 5:25, “Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.” That’s the way we should live in every area of our life – keeping in step with the Holy Spirit. Are you?