Multiple Conversions

Many of us can point to a specific time when we became a believer – it was a memorable moment for us. Becoming like Jesus is different than that. Becoming like Jesus happens over time and involves lots of discoveries and decisions that change our thinking and behavior, our mind and heart. That’s exactly what happened to Peter when God told him to go visit the Roman Centurion Cornelius. God gave Peter a new discovery that led Peter to an important conversion (change) in his heart and mind. What was Peter’s conversion? The Gospel of Jesus – and the Holy Spirit – was for Gentiles, too, and by believing in Jesus Gentiles could be saved just like Jews. It was a huge change in Peter’s mind and heart and an important conversion for Peter. God does the same thing to us. God wants us to experience multiple conversions in our minds and hearts as we follow Jesus. Have you had a recent conversion making you more like Jesus? What is it?