Nobody’s Beyond God’s Grace

We all know people far from God who we think will never respond to the love of Jesus Christ and believe in him. The story of Saul (Paul) shatters that myth. Saul was an enemy of Jesus and hated Christians. He imprisoned Christians, beat them, even killed some – all in the name of God! Then, one day, proving that love is greater and more powerful than hate, Jesus appeared to Saul and graciously saved him. Saul was the most unlikely convert to Christianity in his time and God used him to spread the message of Jesus to the entire Roman world following his conversion to Jesus. Saul’s change of heart reminds us that nobody is beyond the love and grace of God. NOBODY! Which reminds us we should never give up praying for and sharing Jesus with the Saul’s we know. So, who is Saul in your world? Be encouraged! Keep praying for them! Keep sharing Jesus with them! Pray Jesus comes to them and humbles them so they see their need for him. Remember, no one is beyond God’s love and grace. NOBODY!