Paul Posse(7/8/2018)

Have you recently heard the phrase “we are better together?”  It’s a popular phrase people put after their email signature.  What does it mean?  Just what it says – we accomplish more and do better working together than working alone (though working together may be more challenging, too!).  Paul would agree with the statement.  In fact, Paul is a testimony to its truth.  He was not a lone ranger.  Paul knew the value of teaming with others to do ministry.  Which is why he always traveled with others, planted churches with others, preached with others.  Paul deeply believed ministry was a team sport and his time in Corinth in Acts 18 proves it.  In Corinth Paul had a ministry team that included Aquila, Priscilla, Silas, Timothy, Crispus and others.   And, Paul’s team worked together to plant the church in Corinth, one of the most influential and sinful cities in the Roman Empire.  All in all, Paul’s 18 months in Corinth proved that when it comes to ministry and the church, “we’re better together.”