Coming… again! (Christmas Eve)

Jesus’ birth and coming was foretold by Old Testament prophets hundreds of years before he was born. His birth fulfilled scores of prophecies spoken by numerous prophets spread over hundreds of years. In addition to the prophets, Gabriel, an angel of the Lord foretold Jesus’ birth to Joseph, Mary and an old priest named Zechariah. In short, God wanted people to look for Jesus and be prepared for his arrival.

The same thing is true about Jesus’ second coming. Nearly every New Testament writer foretells Jesus’ second coming. In addition, angels sent from God – just like Gabriel – have said Jesus is coming back to earth again. The difference in Jesus’ second coming, though, is he will not come as a humble, infant baby like he did the first time. Instead, the second time Jesus comes he will do so to destroy evil, judge sin and rule and reign as King of kings and Lord of lords. And, while at every Christmas we always look back at Jesus’ birth and first coming, God wants us to also look forward to Jesus’ second coming someday in the future. Which begs a really, really important question to each of us: Are you ready for Jesus’ return? Are you ready to stand before God and give an answer for the life he gave you? God wants you to be ready … to be watching … waiting … anticipating the return of King Jesus for you!