Ready to Die for the Lord Jesus!(8/26/2018)

Paul was one of the most courageous men who ever lived.  Everywhere he went he knew he would encounter opposition, hardship, persecution, suffering and possibly death.  As he concluded his Third Missionary Journey, though, Paul was repeatedly warned by believers and the Holy Spirit that significant trouble awaited him if he went to Jerusalem.  Paul did not turn away, though.  He knew the risks of following Jesus and courageously accepted them to fulfill his apostolic calling from God.  He said, “I am not only ready to be jailed at Jerusalem but even to die for the sake of the Lord Jesus.”  Wow!  Willing to be jailed and even killed for the sake of the Lord Jesus.  Does that inspire you?  Does it describe you?  If it came to it, would you be willing go to jail and even die for believing in Jesus Christ?  Would you?