Saints & Servants (1/20/19)

Paul wrote Colossians to “God’s holy people” in Colosse. The word Paul used in the introduction in his letter can also be translated “saints.” Paul was casting a vision for the Colossians to seize and see themselves as God did – as God’s people who were holy and set apart, belonging to him, and special. And, Paul also refers to himself, Timothy and Epaphras (the founder of the Colosse church) as “servant” of God. Put these two ideas together and that’s who believers are: saints and servants. We sometimes forget that. We see ourselves as sinners (which we are), but let’s not forget God sees us as saints and servants … which are noble, inspiring, challenging titles to live up to. So, Northwood saint and servant, are you living up to your titles? Your identity? Do you see yourself as God sees you?