Small Groups

God loves community. Just as God designed us to live in community with Him so He designed us to live in community with each other. People of all cultures hunger for community and need it to thrive. Extended aloneness depresses the human spirit and ultimately results in brokenness. True community blesses us with strength, wisdom, accountability and acceptance. This page is designed to help you take the first step in finding true community with others.

FAQ's About Small Groups

What is a Small Group at Northwood Church?

 Northwood Small Groups are a Community of 3-14 people who love Jesus and strive to become more like Him.

How do I join a small group?

Go to the Small Group page on the Northwood website.  There you will find a list of groups to select from and a leader will be in contact with you.  You may also contact Elias Agbazahou at for general information about small groups.

When does the small group season start?

Small Groups begin in early October and extend through the end of May.  There are also opportunities to join certain groups mid-season or during the summer.  Most groups meet every week or every other week.

Do I need to be a member of the church to be in a small group?

No!  Small Groups are for everyone who has the desire to grow in Christ and connect with other Northwooders.

FAQ's About Leading a small group

How do I become a Small Group leader?

Northwood is currently looking for small group leaders.  Contact the small group ministry team at and a team member will walk you through the process of becoming a leader.

What are the responsibilities of a small group leader?

A small group leader will:  

  • Develop and clarify the purpose of the group
  • Work at building community within the group
  • Lead good group discussions
  • Learn how to deal with different personalities
  • Involve others in various functions within the group
  • Maintain regular contact with group members outside regular meeting times
How are the small group studies selected?

Small Groups are at liberty to pick their topic of study which will then be approved by the small group ministry team.  There are also occasional “all church studies” that are selected by the pastor.

What resources are available to help a small group leader?

Each new small group leader will be followed up by someone from the small group ministry team to receive a copy of the Northwood Small Group Handbook.  They will also get a copy of Life Changing Small Groups by Bill Donahue. In addition, thousands of video Bible study resources are available free of charge through Northwood’s subscription to Rightnow Media. Click here to get access to Rightnow Media.  There are also regular trainings for small group leaders throughout the year.