Explore Northwood Church

Join us for worship in our new church home at 16100 Arbor Ridge Parkway (use 105th Ave if using GPS)!

Worship Services: Sundays at 9:00AM + 10:30AM

KidsLife Programs: Nursery only at 9:00AM, Nursery -6th Grade at 10:30AM


We believe that we are in process. Each of us is on the life-long journey to become more like Jesus. Though we are all at different places in this journey, there is always more in store for those who follow Jesus. None of us have arrived.

Our journeys all start in different places, but they each have the same trajectory towards the likeness of Jesus. And our progress on this journey is marked by the character traits modeled by the life and lifestyle of Jesus.

We believe that our journey towards Jesus must be done together. None of us are able to do it on our own. It is only by engaging in Christian community, corporate worship, and accountability, that we are molded into the likeness of Christ.


Northwood Small Groups

We believe life-change happens best in community. Take the first step into spiritual community by joining a Northwood small group. 

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